We are exposing the relationship between oil spills and unusual illnesses and health anomalies.

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About TheExposure App

In oil spills and risky oil industry development and production operations, human health effects are largely ignored by corporations and government agencies entrusted to protect public safety. Health victims are predominately ignored, and there is not adequate reporting and documentation of health effects.

The Exposure app exposes the relationship between oil operations and unusual illnesses and health anomalies. Users take anonymous health surveys, and the app creates a hot map of injuries and diseases in areas of oil spills, disasters and risky industry operations including refineries, pipelines, and fracking operations.

Importantly, the app can be programmed to serve as a baseline health survey in areas of proposed oil and gas operations, including coastal communities near offshore drilling expansion zones and fracking sites across the nation. Follow up surveys after operations are underway or following a new disaster can provide crucial data missing in today's community health justice and environmental campaigns.

By putting health on the map for the world to see, The Exposure app project intends to build public awareness of the issue of health consequences of oil disasters and risky development and production practices.

We are launching the app in the gulf states to help bring awareness to the thousands of chronically ill people following the toxic spill response of the 2010 BP disaster. The app can be used in any spill and around any dangerous oil operations across the globe.

Within the Exposure app the user can read current news about efforts and locations to help people with health problems due to exposures to dangerous oil industry practices. Anonymously submit symptoms and contextual information surrounding health issues. All information will only be used to raise awareness of this devastating issue.

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